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Satay Celup Malacca ^^

Its been so long time since the last time i went for local traveling. Cause previous semester was so busy study while earning money. I gained fat again this sem and this sucks! What should i do? I've been eating all these while cause why? Experiencing gastric for more and a week and that's why. It was one whole painful week. Mom post me some meds. Thankz mom ^^ Love u. Anyway, going back to the reason i blog today. We drove down Malacca. 4 person from Batu Pahat just for one reason. Foods!

One and a half hours ride and we reached. It was raining. A little and yet. We queue for an hour under the rain. For the sake of Satay Celup. And i guess it was worth it.

Its time to dip! Yeah.

Kim, Me, Mami, and Daddy. Big nice prawn! Those prawns are limited item. One per customer and rm0.80 each.

Not sure how much is that but i'm full. Hehe.

Our second stop: Guess where?

Its Nadeje! Famous for their unique cake. Can't find one anywhere else other than Malacca.

It taste like layers of eggs filled with creams. Nice nice! Thumbs up. ^^ We ordered original, mango, nuts and one taste like wine. Which flavor taste the best huh? ... The best award goes to... ORIGINAL! Yeah and congratz!

Not to forget. Photo session. Cam whore guys! Zzz.

Including me myself and daddy.

Nice cake are suppose to be consume slowly. But we finished all 4 in 5 minutes. We reach, ordered, cake delivered on our table, and finished them not more than 10 minutes. Gawd!

Time for window shopping! This is the new Hatten Building Model. Nice rite?

Walk, see, and buy. Then we leave Malacca Parade since daddy wanted to drink Mango juice mix with this 'horrible' somboi so much at Portugis Village. And i actually drank that! Somboi taste awfully terrible. Huhuhu. Hated that my whole life. No more next time and now i would probably say: 'Say No to SOMBOI Mango Juice'. Kim aka Suk Gong would probably kill me if he read this cause he like that so much. Anyway that all for today, until then. ^^

-Peace Out-

The View Of Sunset

Just some random pictures taken using my phone before having test today. Although the qualities are not great but i just want to share the nice view. ^^

UTHM new mosque.

UTHM new Library.

UTHM Bank Muamalat.

Not sure what's this building for...

Anyway, low quality but nice view right?

-Peace Out-

Starting of Final Year Semester 1

Hey, i'm back. ^^ Suddenly and somehow i missed blogging. Its my final year now. Having my past 4 months holiday at Sabah. Not 4 months in exact minus first and last week in Kuching.

What's for sure, i learn a lot during my travel. Nevertheless, spending my time with someone that meant a lot to you.

Moving in to a new environment. ^^ Previous staying was hard for me. Could not stand myself listen to complaints. In the end, i transfer my streamyx back home since all of you can't stop thinking about that stupid HP Mini. Who should pay less and more after all its just a few cents. If you care much, then i won't care less. Plus, who can study in peace when there's one arrogant bastard's voice haunting the house. And now:

My new study place! Would spend most of my time sitting here staring at my Si White. ^^

My little cupboard. Those foods. Guess Mom won't let me starve this time. Hehehe.

Hawai style cupboard! This is the only one the got.

My new bed and pillow. ^^

A new start for me now. Gonna work hard for my final year! Yoohoo. All these while i ignore all the goods. I followed YOU cause i thought u are a good friend but in the end, as usual u just give all people around u disappointment. What should i say when i was treated like a dog? I don't want to end up bad. The chance was given to me where i should graduate with good results and i hope to join a good and well establish company. I don't want to ruin my future and the stake is at your own hand. Work hard or you fall. I want to make my mom proud! After all she wanted me to buy her a house. ^^ I dun wish her to know how much i suffer the years back. Its my last year now. Struggle Liong!

-Peace Out-

Wait For Me

I remembered it was May, end of May to be exact and now it is the point of no return. Living my life with no regret. Sometimes i wonder, what would happen when people that i loved found out that the great thing that ever happen in my life and something that i defend so great is something not a lot of people can truly accept. I remembered how and where i grew up. Not knowing the meaning of friendship until i was the age of 15. Before that, people would thought a lot of me and they would said me stuff. I took them all and move on thinking as they were my mistakes and problems but in reality, they were cruel.

Looking back and now. Experiencing everything back there not knowing what i have in mind. Maybe i was so stupid that i let everything just flies. Probably that's what people would say, 'hypocrite' when everything that you see in front of your on eyes is a fake. Its pathetic isn't it? Still, there are always reasons cause we can't read what are in other people's mind unless you have psychic power.

I've sacrifice everything and i forget every much of the single deed that i did. It was defined as Love. I threw everything away maybe only God has the eyes to see and the heart to feel. Beginning was a little harsh but when its to the end then people they started to appreciate. It's and always been that way. Why? I don't know what's right or wrong anymore. But still there's one thing that pushes me forward. That's Love. Every single road that i chose, i see, i feel, i experience, and i don't regret. Hopefully, there are much strength left in me to move on. Its forth year now. Graduating next year. Wait for me. ^^ Remember that we are still rowing a boat at the sea searching for the shore together. Its either aiming high or u fell. But i'm aiming high. Once again, wait for me. ^^

-Peace Out-

21/03/2011 (8.40pm)

Suddenly and now i'm back to blog. Getting busy each semester. Time flies. One more year to go before graduate. Life never been simple each days. Problem and decision. Decisions that create different stories each time you go. Somehow, there are just someone make me move on each days.

During my days in Kuching when Chinese New Year, i realize something that blind me by my emotions all along. Somehow, regretting that past won't be able to change anything. We just have to move forward and change to become a better person.

Talking about 'Love'. ^^ There's so much to share about. To tell the truth, i never feel so in love before. Love make ur heart beat fast each time u miss, Love make u anxious each time before you meet each other, Love made u jealous each time your love one approaches someone, Love made you reload your phone everyday (but it doesn't matter cause i change to postpaid, Lol), If we can see love as water, then you shall see sea, Life ain't the same anymore. I will always be there for you. ^^

-Peace Out-


Gawd! I've abandoned my blog to rotten for more than 2 months. Been working my days out digging and searching for extra income. Life just become more busy. Monday until Sunday without knowing rest. Somehow there always one thing that keep me move on. ^^ Learning to wake up early in the morning.

Guess wad! Tonight i'm gonna be flying back Kuching! Hey mom, miss me not? Lol. Its been nearly a year since i step my foot back in hometown.

This 2 months, i learn a lot. It's nothing about learning other people. It's more about learning about yourself. The society itself. I've been here 2 years and this is the first time i developed skills. I've been working and working and working. There's always something new in everything you try.

Talking about 'Love'. Well this is something people they should experience themselves. I'm falling deeply. ^^

Oops talking about finals. Nothing much to comment about that. Been working my ass out for money and also my studies. Just hope my results are good this semester.

That all for today. My flight: 8.30pm. Gonna start packing my stuff.

-Peace Out-


Its been so long since i blog. Having a hard time to blog and online ever since i start living my life at rent house. Damn TM. Cause their service sucks! We have been waiting for months and what the heck, yesterday then those technician came to fix and install the phone. They said next week they will come and install streamyx and lets just hope that's not another empty promise.

Guess what? I got myself stomache again. Not sure its gastric or diarrhea. I've been releasing liquid form of waste these days and luckily today its not in liquid form anymore. Daim. Wish if my mom was here, she would bring me to clinics instead to PKU which stands for Pusat Kesihatan Universiti which they gave the the same meds even tho it's the second time i went there because their stupid meds have no intention in curing sickness.

Just feel so unlucky this semester cause all sorts of accidents coming all together. I feel like a time bomb now waiting for time to explode before insanity take over. Used up all my pt money supposing+ly for my studies, they are all gone to replace my laptop screen. Even if i have to say that everything happen for reasons, but still this semester really sucks for me. I called my mom the other day asking her for some money, feeling sorry tho but then i got accuse of going to club for drinks or something when i used up the money to pay bills and stuffs. I can't believe that myself but can't blame anyone too cause my mom can't see wad im doing here. When i starve myself to save those money end up having stomach pain.

Those are all challenges. Just have to blame myself for being naughty and gave bad impression to the old and wise one. ^^

Friends? Let's rewind back what Nat told me the other day: 'Quality matters over quantity'. What can i say? Even good guys they can stab u at the back. Its like wearing mask like most of the people said or we can describe them as hypocrite. At first it does hurts, but in time, those things they are not worth to be think of anymore. Meaning: They don't matters anymore. I've been living my life in this corrupted world for long. Seen all sorts of people we describe them as friends. But true friends sometimes can be a myth or fairy tales. I know who my true friends are and i appreciate them. I really do. ^^ 'Love is patient and love is kind, love is not jealous'.

Anyway, shitting my craps long enough and i guess that's the most to it. (Sorry for my bad words cause i'm used to it) Wishing the good for the future.

-Peace Out-
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