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Satay Celup Malacca ^^

Its been so long time since the last time i went for local traveling. Cause previous semester was so busy study while earning money. I gained fat again this sem and this sucks! What should i do? I've been eating all these while cause why? Experiencing gastric for more and a week and that's why. It was one whole painful week. Mom post me some meds. Thankz mom ^^ Love u. Anyway, going back to the reason i blog today. We drove down Malacca. 4 person from Batu Pahat just for one reason. Foods!

One and a half hours ride and we reached. It was raining. A little and yet. We queue for an hour under the rain. For the sake of Satay Celup. And i guess it was worth it.

Its time to dip! Yeah.

Kim, Me, Mami, and Daddy. Big nice prawn! Those prawns are limited item. One per customer and rm0.80 each.

Not sure how much is that but i'm full. Hehe.

Our second stop: Guess where?

Its Nadeje! Famous for their unique cake. Can't find one anywhere else other than Malacca.

It taste like layers of eggs filled with creams. Nice nice! Thumbs up. ^^ We ordered original, mango, nuts and one taste like wine. Which flavor taste the best huh? ... The best award goes to... ORIGINAL! Yeah and congratz!

Not to forget. Photo session. Cam whore guys! Zzz.

Including me myself and daddy.

Nice cake are suppose to be consume slowly. But we finished all 4 in 5 minutes. We reach, ordered, cake delivered on our table, and finished them not more than 10 minutes. Gawd!

Time for window shopping! This is the new Hatten Building Model. Nice rite?

Walk, see, and buy. Then we leave Malacca Parade since daddy wanted to drink Mango juice mix with this 'horrible' somboi so much at Portugis Village. And i actually drank that! Somboi taste awfully terrible. Huhuhu. Hated that my whole life. No more next time and now i would probably say: 'Say No to SOMBOI Mango Juice'. Kim aka Suk Gong would probably kill me if he read this cause he like that so much. Anyway that all for today, until then. ^^

-Peace Out-


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